ThunderStorm Megazord / Power Rangers Ninja Storm (2003)

ThunderStorm Megazord
Height:15" (381mm)
Weight:3lb 1oz (1,389g)

The Thunder and Storm Megazords can combine to form the Thunderstorm Megazord, however to do so the Red and Crimson Rangers must drop two essential Power Spheres that form the Minizord. The Minizord, after its formation, splits apart of the Thunderstorm Megazord.

Ninjazords for ThunderStorm Megazord
Storm Megazord : The Storm Rangers's Megazord, formed with Hawkzord, Lionzord & Dolphinzord. Hawkzord become the back face of ThunderStorm Megazord and Lionzord become the body of ThunderStorm Megazord. Dolphinzord forms ThunderStorm Megazord's right shoulder cannon.
Thunder Megazord : The Thunder Rangers's Megazord, formed with Crimson Insectizord & Navy Beetlezord. Crimson Insectizord become the under legs of ThunderStorm Megazord and Navy Beetlezord become the arm of ThunderStorm Megazord.
Minizord : forms the helmet and fists of the Thunderstorm Megazord.

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