Thunder Megazord / Power Rangers Ninja Storm (2003)

Thunder Megazord
Height:10-1/2" (279mm)
Weight:1lb 8oz (680g)

The Thunderzords are the personal Zords of the Thunder Rangers. Each possesses powerful artillery, and the two can combine into the Thunder Megazord. These Zords, too, shared a name with the Zords of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. This time, the Thunderzords of Season Two. To distinguish them from the original Thunderzords, fans have created the term Thunder Ninjazords.

Thunderzord for Thunder Megazord
Crimson Insectizord : which resembled a Rhinoceros beetle, was piloted by Hunter (Crimson Thunder Ranger). It forms Thunder Megazord's upper half.
Navy Beetlezord : which resembled a Stag beetle, was piloted by Blake (Navy Thunder Ranger). It forms Thunder Megazord's lower half and Double Horn Cutter weapon.

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