Samurai Star Megazord / Power Rangers Ninja Storm (2003)

Samurai Star Megazord
Height:10" (254mm)
Weight:1lb 2oz (510g)

The Samurai Star Chopper is the personal zord of the Green Samurai Ranger. As the falcon-like helicopter, it is a helicopter armed with laser cannons. In its Megazord form, it can make use of the helicopter blades and Power Spheres for additional weaponry.

Samurai Storm Megazord : The Samurai Star Chopper can combine to become the Samurai Storm Megazord. It replaces the Dolphinzord to become the right arm. It can perform a blast from the back of the Samurai Star Chopper.
Samurai Thunder Megazord : The Samurai Star Chopper can combine with the Thunder Megazord to become the Samurai Thunder Megazord as the shoulders.

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