Storm Megazord / Power Rangers Ninja Storm (2003)

Storm Megazord
Height:11" (279mm)
Weight:1lb 8oz (680g)

The Ninjazords combine to form the Storm Megazord. The Storm Megazord can summon the Power Spheres from its chest to use in battle.

Ninjazords for Storm Megazord
Hawkzord : piloted by Shane (Red Wind Ranger). The Hawkzord became the head of Megazord.
Lionzord : piloted by Dustin (Yellow Wind Ranger). The Lionzord became the torso, chestplate, legs, and left arm of the Megazord.
Dolphinzord : piloted by Tori (Blue WInd Ranger). The Dolphinzord became the right arm of Megazord.

Storm Megazord Lightning Mode
Megazord can also transform into a sleeker, thinner Storm Megazord Lightning Mode, which allows it to move faster but only lasts for 60 seconds. In Lightning Mode, it uses the Ramp Attack.
Storm Megazord Lightning Mode toy line sold 2 version with different Power Spheres.

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