Shogun Megazord / Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (3rd season) (1995)

Shogun Megazord
Height:11-1/2" (292mm)
Weight:1b 8oz (680g)

The combination of the five Shogunzords. Whereas the Ninja Megazord was fast and agile, the Shogun Megazord was strong and powerful, yet lacking in speed. It was heavily armored yet was able to retain its functionality. Its main weapon was the Fire Saber, which destroyed opponents with a fire slash. It was modeled after a katana. Red Shogunzord, Pink Shogunzord, Blue Shogunzord, Yellow Shogunzord and Black Shogunzord morph together to become Shogun Megazord!

Shogunzords for Shogun Megazord
Red Shogunzord : Armed with the Power Shield. Forms the body of Shogun Megazord and stored the helmet.
Pink Shogunzord : There was no Pink Shogunzord in the show. White Shogunzord should placed here in the show. Armed with the Ninja Daggers. Forms Shogun Megazord's left arm.
Blue Shogunzord : Armed with the Ninja Lance. Forms Shogun Megazord's right arm.
Yellow Shogunzord : Armed with the Ninja Spear. Forms Shogun Megazord's right leg.
Black Shogunzord : Armed with the Ninja Bow. Forms Shogun Megazord's left leg.

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