Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (3rd season) (1995)

Ninjazord & Shogunzord
After the Thunderzords were destroyed by Rito and his band of monsters, the Power Rangers were given the Ninjazords by Ninjor. They were all based on living animals.
Mid-way through season three, Zedd kidnapped Ninjor and used him and Kimberly as hostages, demanding that the Power Rangers pilot his new Shogunzords to destroy the Earth. Ninjor was eventually freed, and the Rangers were able to use the Shogunzords for their own purposes (i.e. for good instead of evil).

Lord Zedd (Enamy)
Lord Zedd is a villain from the TV series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The character was the first American-made villain for the Power Rangers series that had no origins in the Japanese Super Sentai. He was such a frightening character when first introduced, and in several episodes after his introduction, parents actually complained that he was "too evil" for the show, resulting in Zedd being toned down immensely, such as his marriage to Rita Repulsa, the series' first villain,1 and soon after making the character more comedic.