Ninja Megazord / Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (3rd season) (1994)

Ninja Megazord
Height:11-1/2" (292mm)
Weight:1b 6oz (624g)

The Ninja Megazord was formed by combining the Ape, Frog, Bear, Wolf, and Crane Ninjazords. The Frog formed the thigh and legs, the Bear formed the torso, with the Ape and Wolf forming the arms and the Crane forming the head. Equipped with its Power Gloves, it can throw super energy punches. The Ninja Megazord possessed amazing speed and physical skill. Unfortunately, it was unable to hold anything due to the lack of hands.
The Ninjazords and Ninja Megazord were featured in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie.

Ninjazords for Ninja Megazord
Ape Ninjazord : Piloted by Rocky, it was similar to the Red Dragon Thunderzord in Warrior Mode. The Ape was human shaped and the fighter of the group, armed with twin ninja-to. This zord became the right arm of the Ninja Megazord.
Frog Ninjazord : Piloted by Adam, it could breath fire and release several smaller Frog Zords, which would latch on to their target and produce an electric shock. In the movie, it can use its tongue to latch onto an enemy and electrocute it. It formed the legs of the Ninja Megazord.
Wolf Ninjazord : Piloted by Billy, it could use its tail like a sword and also shoot powerful eye blasts. The wolf zord becomes the left arm of the Ninja Megazord.
Bear Ninjazord : Piloted by Aisha, it could use an earthquake stomp attack and also shoot powerful eye blasts. This zord formed the chest of the Ninja Megazord.
Crane Ninjazord : Initially piloted by Kimberly and later Kat Hillard, it could fire lasers from its wings. The crane, being the smallest zord becomes the head of the Ninja Megazord.

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