Wild Force Megazord

Height:10" (254mm)
Weight:1lb 6oz (624g)

As with all other incarnations of Power Rangers, the Wild Zords could join together to form a humanoid creature/robot called a Megazord. The standard formation in this series was the Wild Force Megazord. The Lion formed the body, the Eagle formed the head, with the Shark forming the right arm, the Tiger forming the left arm, and the Bison forming the legs of the Megazord. The standard finishing move was the Mega Roar, where each animal involved would fire a beam that destroyed the enemy. A similar finishing move, the Soul Cannon, is used when the Wild Force Megazord is joined with the Soul Bird where the Soul Bird fires a blast of energy and adds it to the Mega Roar from the other animals. This attack is only used a few times as mostly following this the Wild Force Megazord (when it is used) uses Final Strike where the Megazord would kick the Armadilo Zord at an enemy causing them to be destroyed. This is a very effective attack destroying first the at the time unbeatable Predazord and later used by other Megazords as a final move and was effective enough to weaken the seemingly invincible Zen-Aku enough to be defeated.

Wild Zords for Wild Force Megazord
Red Lion zord : The Red Lion, used by Cole Evans.
Eagle zord : The Eagle Zord, used by Taylor Earhardt.
Shark zord : The Shark Zord, used by Max Cooper.
White Tiger zord : The White Tiger Zord (Note: not to be confused with the White Tiger Thunderzord from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 2), used by Alyssa Enrile.
Bison zord : The Bison Zord, used by Danny Delgado.

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