Power Rangers Wild Force (2002)

Wild Force Megazord
There were a great many separate Wild Zords (100 in the Sentai equivalent, Gaoranger, though the total number in Power Rangers: Wild Force was never made clear, possibly the same), and they could come together to form several different types of Megazords. Each Wild Zord was controlled with an Animal Crystal. When a Ranger loses his or her Animal Crystal, they also lose control of their Wild Zord. Also when a Wild Zord is destroyed, its crystal is too.

Orgs / Villains in Power Rangers: Wild Force
An Org is the name of a creature from Power Rangers: Wild Force. The Orgs are a race of ogre/gargoyle-type creature that normally exist in either a spiritual form or in a stone statue-like state and it seems they also feed on the pollution of humans. There are two types of Orgs: the basic multi-horned variety and the one-horned Duke Orgs and Org Generals that out-rank them (strangely though, the Putrids also have one horn, however they are the lowest ranking footsoldiers of the Org Empire). There is also a one-horned Master Org that is the leader of all the other Orgs. Org Spirits can acquire a physical form by possessing or from coming into contact with inanimate ojects, creating the Orgs of modern day that wish to become Duke Orgs.

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