Ultimus Megazord / Power Rangers Wild Force (2002)

Ultimus Megazord
Height:11" (279mm)
Weight:1lb 9oz (709g)

It is the combination of Red Gorilla zord, Shark zord, Soul Bird instead of White Tiger zord, Purple Bison zord instead of Black Bison zord, and Armadillo Puck instead of Eagle zord. Ultimus Megazord should have Elephant sword & Shield but Elephant zord never sold in USA. Ultimus Megazord and Red Gorilla zord are exclusive only to the Gaoranger movie.

Battery Operated Walking Action!
2 AA Batteries Required.

Wild Zords for Ultimus Megazord
Red Gorilla zord : A red version of Gorilla zord that is the guardian of the island. Its GaoJewel was formed when the two pieces of the ruby were joined on an alter during three simultaneous eclipses, and it was then awakened from the volcano. It attacks with flaming palm trees.
Armadillo Pack : It become a waist instead of Eagle zord.
Shark zord : The Shark Zord, used by Max Cooper.
White Tiger zord :The White Tiger Zord (Note: not to be confused with the White Tiger Thunderzord from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 2), used by Alyssa Enrile.
Purple Bison zord : It become legs instead of Bison zord.

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