Pegasus Megazord / Power Rangers Wild Force (2002)

Pegasus Megazord
Height:16" (406mm)
Weight:3lb 3oz (1446g)

Command the Red Lion Wild Zord to walk, Rear Up and Grouwl! To use Crystal Saber to command Red Lion Wild zord!
Battery Requires 3AA and 2AAA batteries.

The Pegasus Megazord is another Megazord that can be formed through a combination of the Wild Zords, and the first ever centaur-like Megazord formation. This Megazord is also capable of flight due to the Falcon Zord being a component. However, it's main component is the Red Lion forming the legs. The Pegasus Megazord was only achieved through CGI animation. It comprised the Falcon, the Shark, the White Tiger, the Elephant, and a giant Red Lion. This is only formed once on the series to fight Onikage but the Rangers recignized it when it arrived so it must have been used before offscreen. In this instance the Wild Zords formed the Megazord and came and fought on their own due to Princess Shayla's tears hitting her necklace causing them to be summoned. As the Pegasus Megazord they destroyed the Org Spirits by striking each with the Elephant Sword and then destroyed Onikage by freezing him with Isis Stare and finishing him off with Dance of the Beast King.

Elephant zord never sold in USA, therefore Pegasus Megazord never completed in USA.

Wild Zords for Pegasus Megazord
Red Lion zord : The Red Lion, used by Cole Evans.
Falcon zord : The Falcon Zord (Note: not to be confused with the White Falconzord from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers), used by Cole Evans.
Shark zord : The Shark Zord, used by Max Cooper.
White Tiger zord : The White Tiger Zord (Note: not to be confused with the White Tiger Thunderzord from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 2), used by Alyssa Enrile.

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