TriceraMax Megazord / Power Rangers Dino Thunder (2004)

TriceraMax Megazord
Height:14" (356mm)
Weight:3lb 15oz (1786g)

The Mezodon Megazord could combine with the Cephalo, Parasaur, Dimetro, and Ankylozords to create the more powerful Triceramax Megazord. Its main weapon is a giant double ended axe that unleashes whirlwinds. Its attacks were Turbo Fire where it would release a fireball from the Cephalozord, and the Tricera Lance which produced a wave of fire from using the Ankylozord. Since the Mezodon Megazord was destroyed, this form can no longer be formed.

Biozords/Dinozords for TriceraMax Megazord
Styracosaurus Zord : Styraco's body become the body of TriceraMax Megazord. Stryaco's head becomes the chest of TriceraMax Megazord also. He carry the Trassic Megarover chariot.
Trassic Megarover chariot : Trassic Megarover chariot morph to become the leg of TriceraMax Megazord.

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