Blizzard Force Megazord:Replicant Megazord / Power Rangers Dino Thunder (2004)

Blizzard Force Megazord
Height:11" (279mm)
Weight:1lb 7oz (652g)

The combination of the Carnotaurzord and Chasmozord, the Blizzard Megazord (named the Replicantzord on the show) is an icy, evil version of the Thundersaurus Megazord. The Blizzard Megazord was never featured prominenty in the US (it fought (and was defeated after about a minute) in Test of Trust), but was the focus of the Japanese counterpart, Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger's movie.

Biozord, Dinozord for Blizzard Force Megazord
Carnotaurzord : An indigo-and-teal Carnotaurus Zord that forms the majority of the Blizzard Megazord (head, chest, legs, left arm, and the Blizzard Drill).
Chasmozord : A silver-and-violet Chasmosaurus Zord that forms the right arm and the Blizzard Shield of the Blizzard Megazord.

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