Thundersaurus Megazord / Power Rangers DinoThunder (2004)

Thundersaurus Megazord
Height:11" (279mm)
Weight:1lb 7oz (652g)

The primary Megazord of Dino Thunder, the Thundersaurus Megazord and its main mode is created by combining the Tyranno, Ptera, and Tricerazord. The Thundersaurus Megazord had a variety attacks at its disposal. It had a sucker-punch attack that Ethan dubbed the Tricera Fist and another attack where the Megazord uses the Pterazord as a boomerang, which Kira calls the Pterarang. The Megazord could also unleash a fire attack from the Tyrannozord's mouth called the Fire Breath and the Tyrannozord still seems to function by biting (as demonstrated in "Diva in Distress" when it bit Donkeyvac's nose), but the Thundersaurus Megazord's most powerful attack is the Tyranno Drill/Dino Drill where the Tyrannozord's tail (forming the left arm) activates as a giant drill and impales enemies. It is usually used as the finishing blow. The Thundersaurus Megazord also can detach part of the Tyrannozord's tail and the Tricerazord's head to reveal arms and can use the Tricerazord's head as a shield with its left arm and the Tyrannozord and Tricerazord's tails with its right arm as a satellite which is called satellite mode. In this mode it could use the Tyranno Tail attack in which it throws the sword like a spear.

Biozords/Dinozords for Thundersaurus Megazord
Tyrannozord : A red Tyrannosaurus Zord that forms the majority of the Thundersaurus Megazord (head, torso, left arm, legs and the Dino Drill), controlled by Conner the Red Dino Ranger.
Tricerazord : A blue Triceratops Zord that forms the right arm and Tricera Shield of the Thundersaurus Megazord, controlled by Ethan the Blue Dino Ranger.
Pterazord : A yellow Pteranodon Zord that forms helmet and chest-plate of the Thundersaurus Megazord, as well at the Pterarang weapon, controlled by Kira the Yellow Dino Ranger.

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