Dino Stegazord / Power Rangers DinoThunder (2004)

Dino Stegazord
Height:10-1/2" (267mm)
Weight:1lb 3oz (539g)

The Dino Stegazord is the personal Megazord of the White Dino Ranger, created by combining the Dragozord and Stegozord. It was later combined with the stolen Dimetro and Cephalazords to create a powerful combination.

Biozords/Dinozords for Dino Stegazord
Dragozord : A white Tupuxuara Zord that forms arms, legs, and weapons of the Dino Stegazord. Controlled by Trent the White Dino Ranger.
Stegozord : It forms the body and the head for the Dino Stegazord.

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