Predazord / Power Rangers Wild Force (2002)

Height:10" (254mm)
Weight:1lb 2oz (510g)

The Predazord is the main Megazord of Zen-Aku and Merrick Baliton. When mask containing Zen-Akus spirit was destroyed, Merrick gained control. Predazord was formed from the Alligator, Hammerhead Shark, and Wolf Zords. The Alligator forms the head, body, and feet with the other two zords forming detachable arms. As the Lunar Wolf Ranger changes allegiances from evil to good in the series, there are separate "Dark" and "Light" modes to this zord. In Dark Mode, it can use the Predator Wave finishing move and has a closed wolf helmet with a horn on the top, similar to a Duke Org's horn, while the Light Mode Predazord uses the Revolver Phantom and a "Light" version of the Predator Wave, called the Blue Moon Wave as its finisher while it was powered-up as the Predazord Blue Moon and they have an open wolf's mouth face, similar to the Wild Force Megazord's open Lion's mouth face. Both Dark and Light modes have the ability to replace its arms with other wild zords, although this has been only done in the series while in Dark Mode.

Wild zords for Predazord
Wolf zord : The Wolf Zord (Note: not to be confused with the Wolf Ninjazord from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 3 or the Wolf Galactabeast from Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy) , used by Merrick Baliton.
Hammerhead Shark zord : The Hammerhead Shark Zord, used by Merrick Baliton.
Alligator zoed : The Alligator Zord, the biggest wild zord so far, used by Merrick Baliton.

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