Animus Megazord / Power Rangers Wild Force (2002)

Animus Megazord
Height:11" (279mm)
Weight:1lb 7oz (652g)

Finally, Animus is a god-like zord similar to the Wild Force Megazord that aids the Rangers. Animus was an ancient creature of good that had been killed long ago by the original Master Org. The reincarnation of Animus, which later became this sentient Megazord, spent much time in this series as a small boy who named himself Kite after he looked at a kite. Animus is the ancestor of the Wild Force Megazord.
The Black Lion, Condor, Saw Shark, Buffalo, and Jaguar Wild Zords combine to form Animus in his Megazord form. Animus was twice destroyed by Master Org, once during the Battle of Animaria 3,000 years ago, and again in modern times in Turtle Cove. He returned to destroy Flute Org's Flute allowing the Rangers to call the Wild Force Megazord to destroy him with the Soul Cannon. Animus is never seen morphing together with any other Wild Zords, though he presumably is capable of doing so due to inherent interchangeability of the Wild Zords. He wields a large bow and can use the Animarian Arrow attack. Also in the Soul of Humanity he returned after taking the Wild Zords away to fight alongside the Predazord saying that he'd always wished to fight alongside Merick but had never gotten the chance to. In this battle he used a sword to strike and weaken an enemy allowing the Predazord to finish it off with the Blue Moon Wave. Considering the fact that all of the Wildzords were resurrected in the finalie including the Rangers destroyed ones it is possible (and likely) that he was also resurrected once more.
Animus is the first Zord who is fully intelligent and able to speak.

Power Animal for GaoGod
GaoLeon : Forms the torso. Black version of GaoLion.
GaoCondor : Forms the head. Blue bird similar to GaoEagle. The parts on its tail that become the horns on GaoGod's helmet are used as the bow for the Power Arrow.
GaoSawshark : Forms the right arm. Red shark with a saw bill that is used as GaoGod’s sword. Similar to GaoShark.
GaoBuffalo : Forms the legs. Similar to GaoBison.
GaoJaguar : Forms the left arm. Similar to GaoTiger.

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