Transwarp Megazord / Power Rangers Time Force (2001)

Transwarp Megazord
Length (Transwarp Base):27" (686mm)
Weight:2lb 14oz (1,304g)

Time Force zords are sent through time by the Transwarp Megazord when needed. The Transwarp swings its extendible right arm (rather like a golf club) to hit the Zord in order for it to attain the necessary velocity for time travel.
The Rangers never get to command the Transwarp Megazord and its combat capabilities are largely unknown, although the arm that it uses to send other Time Force Zords back in time can be used as a weapon. The Transwarp has only participated in battle once, and its travel to the past was only made possible by the warping powers of the mutant Cinecon.

Transwarp Base
Transwarp Base launches most of Mecha from the Transwarp Base in the year 3000.

The below all pictures come from Super Sentai version. DX size Transwarp Megazord never sold in USA.

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