Quantasaurus Rex Megazord Q-Rex / Power Rangers Time Force (2001)

Quantasaurus Rex Megazord
Height:13-1/2" (343mm)
Weight:3lb 14oz (1,758g)

The Quantasaurus-Rex (Q-Rex for short) is operated through voice activation by the Quantum Ranger. Like some Other Ranger Zords before it, it is not piloted by the Quantum Ranger. It is incapable of combining with other Zords, although it can change from its Dinosaur Mode to Megazord Mode, and the Time Force Megazord in Mode Red has often ridden on the back of the Q-Rex as it finished off the enemy. Originally a prototype Zord from Time Force, the Q-Rex was one of the first objects to be sent back in time, but it was lost in time during the Jurassic until recovered by Wes and Eric. It is powered by Trizerium Crystals, a technology developed in the future and manufactured from what is considered industrial waste today. Due to its unstable nature, it can often go berserk and out of control.
8 following actions by remote control Quantum Morpher.
1) Auto Transforming!
2) Giant laser green lighting!
3) Q-Rex Thunder Fist attack launching!
4) Q-Rex Missile gauntlet launching!
5) V-Rex forwarding!
6) V-Rex turning!
7) V-Rex pausing!
8) Q-Rex Lasers on the shoulders red lighting!

2 C and 3 AA batteries required for Q-Rex. 2 AAA batteries required for Quantum morpher.

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