Mezodon Megazord / Power Rangers Dino Thunder (2004)

Mezodon Megazord
Height:16" (406mm)
Weight:2lb 13oz (1276g)

The personal megazord of the Triassic Ranger can become the Mezodon Megazord. It delevers an energy blade in the Hachet Attack or it can levitate opponents and destroy them in the Power Pulse Attack. It also was contoled by Tommy and Ethan. It was destroyed by Ethan to destroy the Zelzord after it was set to self destructed.

Biozords/Dinozords for Mezodon Megazord
Styracosaurus Zord : Styraco's tale become the head of Mezodon Megazord and body become the body of Mezodon Megazord. Stryaco's head becomes the chest of Mezodon Megazord also. He carry the DinoCarry.
Trassic Megarover chariot : Trassic Megarover chariot morph to become the leg and arm of Mezodon Megazord.

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