Hurricane Mammothzord / Power Rangers Ninja Storm (2003)

Hurricane Mammothzord (Revolver Mammoth never sold in USA. Pictures use Revolver TenRai Senpuujin/Super Sentai.)
Height:18" (457mm)
Weight:14lb 4oz (6,464g) / Revolver Mammoth 8lb 5oz (3,770g)

The Mammothzord is a giant elephant Carrierzord (similar to Titanus and Tor of the original series) that can hold and fire multiple Power Spheres at once. It can also serve as a mount for the Thunderstorm or Hurricane Megazords. Their unofficial names were Thunderstorm Mammothzord and Hurricane Mammothzord. It can only be summoned by using the guitar-like Lightning Riff Blaster.

Launching Karakuri Ball (Power Sphere) & Forwarding Revolver Mammoth (Mammothzord). 2 C batteries required.

Ninja Zords for Hurricane Mammothzord
Storm Megazord : The Storm Rangers's Megazord, formed with Hawkzord, Lionzord & Dolphinzord. Hawkzord become the back face of Hurricane Megazord and Lionzord become the body of Hurricane Megazord. Dolphinzord is the only Ninjazord left out of the Hurricane Megazord formation.
Thunder Megazord : The Thunder Rangers's Megazord, formed with Crimson Insectizord & Navy Beetlezord. Crimson Insectizord become the under legs of Hurricane Megazord and Navy Beetlezord become the arm of Hurricane Megazord.
Tenkuujin : The Green Samurai ranger's Megazord. Has the ability to transform from helicopter to robot mode. Samurai Star Megazord form the chest and waist armer of Hunricane Megazord.
Ninja Firebird : used to combine the Samurai Star, Storm & Thunder Megazords into the Hurricane Megazord summoned by Cam, Shane & Hunter.
Mammothzord : Hurricane Megazord can ride on Mammothzord and combine attacks.

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