Power Ranger Time Force (2001)

Power Rangers Time Force
In Time Force, all of the Zords (except the Quantasaurus Rex) are stored in the year 3000, at Time Force's base. They are sent through time by the Transwarp Megazord when needed. The Transwarp swings its extendible right arm (rather like a golf club) to hit the Zord in order for it to attain the necessary velocity for time travel.

Ransik (Enamy)
Ransik is a mutant created by accident in the year 3000 and the main antagonist in Power Rangers Time Force. He had possessed abilities such as energy projection, martial arts, and telekinesis. After being bitten by the mutant Venomark, he became dependent on a serum developed by Dr. Ferricks. He rewarded the scientist by setting his lab on fire and leaving him for dead. He also encountered the last surviving Orgs of that time period, and let them copy his body in exchange for the ability to pull weapons from his skin.

Ransik's plans involved commandeering the Time Force cryo-prison and traveling back in time to take over with an army of mutants. He was thwarted in his first attempt by Alex, the original Red Time Force Ranger, whom narrowly manages to arrest him. However, en route to the prison, Ransik was rescued by his daughter Nadira and his minion Frax. They escaped and accomplished Ransik's goals, and also put Alex out of action for a long amount of time.

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