Super Sentai Taiyou Sentai Sun Vulcan (1981)

Sun Vulcan
Ryuusuke Oowashi / Vul Eagle I (Episodes 1-23):
24 years old. An EPDS air force officer. He left to pursue space shuttle research for NASA in America.
Takayuki Hiba / Vul Eagle II (Episodes 23-50): 23 years old. A colleague of Oowashi. Master of kendo. Took over for Ryuusuke after he left for NASA shuttle research.
Kin'ya Samejima / Vul Shark: 25 years old. An EPDS naval officer.
Asao Hyou / Vul Panther: 22 years old. An EPDS army officer.

Sun Vulcan Robo
The first combining Sentai robot. Cosmo-Vulcan and Bull-Vulcan combine when the command "Fusion! Grand Cross!" is given. It is armed with the Solar Sword (Taiyo Ken). Its finishing attack is the Aurora Plasma Return (Aurora Plasma Kaeshi). Its other weapons are the Vul-Shield, Vul-Tonfa, Vul-Hand, Vulcan-Sun, and Vulcan-Cannons.
Cosmo-Vulcan : Piloted by Vul Eagle. It is stored in Jaguar Vulcan's mouth. It forms Sun Vulcan Robo's head, arms, and body.
Bull-Vulcan : Piloted by Vul Shark and Vul Panther. It is stored in rear of Jaguar Vulcan, divided in half. It forms Sun Vulcan Robo's legs. .

Machine Empire Black Magma (Enemy)
Machine Empire Black Magma is an organization worshipping the Black Solar God based at the Iron Claw Castle at the North Pole. Intends to have its Mechahumans rule the world.

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