Tsuyoshi Kaijou / Aka Ranger : Kaijou was undergoing special training in combat planning and strategy. He is a natural born leader and tactician. Was also the "Ace Striker" for the EAGLE Japan Soccer Team. He was a master of disguise and an expert sharpshooter.
Akira Shinmei / Ao Ranger : He was a marksmanship instructor. He is the oldest member of the Goranger team. Skilled in archery and mecha piloting. He had aspirations of being a racecar driver.
Daita Ooiwa / Ki Ranger I : While adapt in mechanics and mathematics, he had a very hard time solving simple word puzzles and riddles. Being a Judo Champion, Ooiwa was very strong and tough. He had a voracious appetite and often ordered "Omori" (big portions) of everything especially Curried Rice which was his favorite.
Daigorou Kumano / Ki Ranger II : After Ooiwa became the commander of the Kyushu branch for a time, Daigorou replaced him. He was only a member for 13 episodes. In episode 67, he is stabbed in stomach (without any bleeding, strangely) by Can Opener Mask's Can Opener Cutter.
Kenji Asuka / Mido Ranger : He is the youngest member of the team. He was training at EAGLE’s Kansai branch. Happy-go-lucky teen, who can sometimes be a bit brash and temperamental. As Mido Ranger he was armed with a number of unique weapons.
Peggy Matsuyama / Momo Ranger : She was assigned to EAGLE's Hokkaido branch as a chemical analyst and special weapons engineer specializing in explosives.

The Black Cross Army / Black Crusaders (Enemy)
The Black Cross Army / Black Crusaders are the primary villains of the series. An international terrorist society led by the supernatural entity known as the Black Cross Fuhrer, their goals are the total eradication of the human race and the absolute domination of the world. They utilized advanced technology and cybernetics to create an army of superhuman operatives to attack EAGLE and Goranger. The also used “supernatural magic” on occasion to empower its agents. Most of the Black Cross operatives are "remodeled" humans who have been enhanced through surgery. They had various secret bases across the globe, the main headquarters being the flying Black Cross Castle which orbited high above the Earth.

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