Dinozords for Megazord

Dinozords for Megazord
Tyrannosaurus Dinozord : Piloted by Jason Lee Scott. When forming Megazord, the Tyrannosaurus accounted for the upper torso and head; its chest opened to accept the Tyrannosaurus' head, which then swung down into a cavity. This revealed the Megazord's head, normally behind that of the Tyrannosaurus.
Mastodon Dinozord : Piloted by Zack Taylor. Hidden beneath a glacier, the Mastodon shot a cold blast from its trunk which was capable of freezing some enemies. When forming Megazord, the Mastodon accounted for the shoulders, arms and back. In addition, the head could be utilized as a shield to block enemy attacks.
Triceratops Dinozord : Piloted by Billy Cranston. It rested in a desert, and rolled into battle on a set of treads rather than feet or legs. It featured a double laser cannon on its back, and a set of horns that could launch and serve as grappling devices. When forming Megazord, it compacted to form the left leg.
Saber-Toothed Tiger Dinozord : Piloted by Trini Kwan. Its hiding place was deep within a jungle, and it showed off its speed and dexterity by leaping a large chasm each time it charged into battle. Its tail could rotate up and fire an energy beam, and it occasionally attacked enemies directly as a biological tiger would. When forming Megazord, the Saber-Toothed Tiger compacted to form the right leg.
Pterodactyl Dinozord : Piloted by Kimberly Hart. The Pterodactyl slept inside a presumably active volcano, and caused a minor eruption each time it departed. It was the only dinozord capable of flight, and could fire strafing energy beams from its shoulders. When forming Megazord, it folded its wings and head inside its main body and attached to the Tyrannosaurus as the Megazord's chest plate.

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